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In Home Care

In Home Care


At Sage in Home, we believe that qualifications matter.  Whether you are assisting a Senior in buying a product for their home or you are a handyman or a remodeler creating a safer and more comfortable home to match your client's lifestyle.  In the U.S., the term used is "Aging in Place".  In Canada, it is "Age at Home".

Any retailer can stock a few products in a store or on the internet (such as a chair for the shower or a step stool) but few are qualified to help you make the best selection to match unique health-related needs and lifestyle goals to Age in Place or Age at Home.  

And, only qualified Aging in Place designers, contractors, consultants and home care providers understand the small details for an Aging in Place renovation.  These details include threshold heights in showers and placement of electrical outlets and lighting throughout the home.

Initially, Sage in Home only listed qualified “Aging in Place” service providers in our directories of:

  • Local Retailers – both local and Internet
  • Services – both qualifying businesses and non-profit organizations

Directory listings are now open to experienced Aging in Place professionals. To help consumers identify qualified Aging in Place Professionals, we list qualifications and verify those qualifications when a listing is claimed by a business or professional.

Below we discuss what type of retailer you will find in our Local Retailer directory as well as the qualifications for professionals and businesses.  

For tips about selecting a retailer, professional or business to assist with Aging in Place needs, go to Sage Tips or click on the tab above.

Not-for-profit groups and Government agencies are listed in the Services directory as a "resource".



Aging in Place retailers sell products for the home. (Some will sell other products as well.)  Aging in Place products range from those requiring:

  • No or minimal assembly (a bath step stool)
  • Some assembly or installation (a grab bar)
  • Complex installation (a walk in bathtub)

Aging in Place retailers on Sage in Home include those who:

  • Sell Medicare covered products; and/or
  • Sell major brands of products presented on Sage in Home in our unbiased Buying Guides and detailed product selectors

On Sage in Home, a local retailer has less than 50 store locations. Some are internet-based.

Some retailers in the Sage in Home directory also participate in the marketplace for individual products in Find a Product by Feature. To present live prices in the marketplace a retailer must enter into an affiliate relationship with Sage in Home (see  Q&A to learn more) and provide links to EXACT products on their website.  

For tips about finding an Aging in Place Retailer, see Sage Tips.

For Retailers

If your company is listed in our Aging in Place Retailers Directory, find it in our directory and claim your listing! To learn more about the benefits of working with Sage in Home, refer to the Partner Guide.  If your retail company is not listed in the directory and you meet the criteria above, please contact us using the link in the footer of the directory.



The Aging in Place Professionals directory lists individuals who have obtained a recognized designation in Aging in Place. 

Most of the professionals listed in the Aging in Place Professionals directory work in home remodeling, construction or design.  By obtaining an Aging in Place designation, they have enhanced their ability to create designs and construct homes to meet the health-related needs and lifestyle goals of their clients.

In the Professionals directory, there are also a significant number of healthcare and other professionals who have taken a special interest in how their patients or clients interact with their home environment through home renovation and design.  Examples include occupational therapists, special equipment consultants and personal care providers.

To qualify as an Aging in Place Professional, an individual has:

  • Obtained specific, recognized training such as the Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) designation offered by the National Association of Homebuilders

There is no cost to consumers to contact Sage professionals in the Sage in Home directory.  Please consider telling the professional that you found them on Sage in Home.

Questions about finding and hiring Aging in Place professionals? Click here or on the Q&A tab above.

For Professionals

If you are a professional with a listing on Sage in Home, please go to the Professionals directory and click on “Claim this listing” beside your listing.  Professionals are eligible for a listing in the Services directory also. To learn more about listing as a Professional and Service on Sage in Home, click here.

There is no cost to qualified Aging in Place professionals for listings in our Professional and Service directories.




A wide variety of businesses touch Aging in Place. For your convenience, You can find services in the directory by these Aging in Place groups and subgroups:

  • Improve Daily Living
    • Home Organizer
    • Install daily living aids
    • Repair & Maintenance
  • Remodel/Build/Design
    • Remodeling/Contracting
    • New Build
    • Architect
    • Design
  • Home Health
    • Independent Living Consultants
    • Physical Therapy Services
    • in Home Personal Care
  • Finance and Planning
    • Insurance and Financial Planning
    • Home Finance and Real Estate
    • Legal Advice
    • Lifestyle Transition Planning
  • Education and Community
    • Education and Communication
    • Community Planning

To qualify as an Aging in Place Business, a company or sole proprietorship can be:

  • Owned by an Aging in Place Professional or have employees who have obtained an Aging in Place professional qualification
  • A member of a local Aging in Place Network that conducts background checks on members  such as the National Aging in Place Council chapters (see more below)
  • Sponsored by a public or non-profit organization offering an Aging in Place resource listed on Sage in Home (for example, a handyman who has installed grab bars as a volunteer for a local community-based organization funded by donations)

There is no cost to consumers to contact Aging in Place businesses listed in the Sage in Home directory.  Please consider telling the business that you found them on Sage in Home.

For tips about finding and hiring an Aging in Place business, see Sage Tips.

For Businesses

If you are a business with a listing on Sage in Home, please go to the listing in the Service Directory and follow the “Claim this listing” link.  To learn about adding a listing, the benefits of claiming you listing and becoming an Aging in Place partner, see our Partner Guide.

There is no cost to qualified Aging in Place businesses for a listing in the Service Directory on Sage in Home.