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Mom’s Home Tour


Welcome to the Mom’s Home Tour at Sage in Home.

In just a couple of minutes we will show you find products for daily living that will improve safety, comfort and ease of use in a home.


How do you choose?

We will help you!. Let’s walk through the selection of a shower chair, some grab bars and a bathroom step stool – all good ideas for Mom who wants to live independently in her own home.


When looking at ideas, click on any product picture to go to the Product Guide.   Or go directly to Product Guides from the Learning Centre menu.


Sage Guide

Here, you will find our #1 Sage Tip for each product category and lots of Tips for Safety Topics such as Fall Prevention and Hygiene.

Buying Guides are organized by your choices in the Product Selectors (grey box above).

Here we show the first choice for a shower chair – Area of Use.

See the Health & Lifestyle icons that you should consider – mobility, arm & hand movement, vision, grandchildren and visitor.

Find Sage Tips about safety, comfort and ease of use. Relating to your choice for Area of Use, there are Sage Tips for fall prevention, finding the right size, multi-gen living and ease of use.

For illustration, we will follow the Mobility icon.



When mobility is a concern, carefully consider these features and choices in the product selector: Area of Use, Back and Rotation, Arms and Handles, Legs, Seats, Materials and Extras.

Follow all the Health & Lifestyle icons that apply to Mom.

Next we will move to Sage Tips


First, find the #1 Sage Tip.

For a Shower Chair, our #1 Sage Tip is “Measure the flat surface where the chair or stool will be used.” This is so important in a bathtub, that we have an illustration of the safety risk.

Scroll down, or use the left side menu, for more Sage Tips about safety, comfort and ease of use.

Let’s stop and take a look at Hygiene – an often overlooked safety issue!


More Sage Tips will tell you where to look for Hygiene information in the Buying Guide.

Now, we will leave the Guides and move to the Product Selector & Marketplace.


First, Mom is going to use her Bath Chair in her bathtub, so we clicked on “Use in Bathtub”

Then, having read the #1 Sage Tip for Bath Chairs, we measured the flat surface (width) of the bathtub.

And, we selected leg width less than the measurement.


Mom then made choices for Back and Rotation; Arms & Handles and Color based on the suggestions for Mobility.


Finally, Mom selected drainage holes to enhance hygiene.




Now, let’s look at some easier product selection choices! Starting with Grab Bars.


We LOVE grab bars that have another function, called Integrated Use. Above you can see:

  • An angled grab bar that is also a soap dish
  • A grab bar that is a towel rack
  • A grab bar that is a toilet paper holder

However, we know that you likely want to consider other grab bars in the bathroom. To help you make a safe decision, we want to tell you about the Sage in Home database of products.


To make an informed decision, we believe that you need to be selecting from products that:

  • Meet minimum safety standards (e.g. 250 lb weight capacity), and have
  • Complete data for key safety features (e.g. measurements for length and width, grip type and bar shape)
  • Complete data for price discovery (e.g. price discovery)

Critical for Grab bars are the installation instructions. When available, we have a copy of the instructions from the manufacturer – please follow these instructions because they are specific to your selection!

Now let’s look at a product category with a One Click Choice


Bath Step Stools are example of a product category where we can help you make a decision, possibly in One Click.

We were able to categorize bath step stools into “Caution Levels”

  • Low – Small step
  • Low – Handrail
  • Medium – Handrail, but low depth
  • High – No handrail, high step

Note: You should check that you have the space available in the bathroom for your choice!

Okay, now that Mom has made some choices, where do we get these products? We can help you Buy Online or Locally


Once you have selected your product and reviewed all of its features (see Review Features), you have made a customized choice to Age in Place in safety, comfort and with ease of use. Congratulations!

Buying online is easy since we have linked up this specific data to Amazon, and where available, other retailers or distribution channels.

Above, one click takes you to the Amazon listing and when on Amazon, another click takes you to the Amazon Marketplace.

If you want to buy locally or want to speak to someone knowledgeable about the product category, consult our Directory of Aging in Place Retailers. Note that if you require installation assistance, we have listings of Aging in Place remodelers and contractors.


Some of us want to buy locally to support our neighbors. Some of us want to see products before we buy them. Others want to talk to a knowledgeable salesperson.

Whatever your reason, you can find local, qualified help. Most of the Home Health Retailers in our database are smaller, service oriented businesses who understand the products that they sell. Some are Medicare Suppliers.

We also have directories of qualified Professionals (individuals who are remodelers, designers), Businesses (construction firms, transition planners) and Resources.



Thanks for taking this tour at Sage in Home.

We would love to be your friend and hear what you have to say. Email us at