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Authors of books about Aging in Place, Universal Design, Caregiving and Independent Living can have their book included in our collection of Active Living Books on Amazon.

In addition authors can have a free listing in the Sage Pro Directory as a resource.

For a link to books currently on our store on Amazon, click here


Claim a Listing

1. Find your listing in our directories:

2. When you locate your listing, click on ‘Claim a Listing’

Register using your e-mail, or connect with Facebook.

3. You will receive an email and will be able to edit your listing.

See the Sage Guide -For Profit Partners to learn more about the benefits of being listed as a Sage Professional.  We also have Sage Tips for filling out the information on your profile and a FAQ to answer some of your questions.

If we do not have a listing for you or your organization, write an email to us using our contact form.





“For purchase” books, videos and other materials must be listed on or another qualifying retailer.  Authors of “for purchase” books can be not-for-profit or for-profit.

To request that a listing for a book or video be added to the Aging in Place book directory, contact us.


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