Free Business Listing for Sage Pros



Free Business Listing for Sage Pros

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Interested in reaching the Aging in Place, Universal Design & Independent Living Market? Start with a listing!

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Listings in our Sage Pro directories are FREE to professionals regardless of the type of organization (e.g. company, sole proprietorship, non-profit organization or government agency).  

Anyone - consumers, businesses and professionals - can request that a listing be added to any Sage in Home directory.  

Do you know of a qualified person, company or resource? Please send us an email

Learn about the benefits of becoming a Sage Professional.  


Claim a Listing

1. Find your listing in one of our directories:

2. When you locate your listing, click on ‘Claim a Listing’

Register using your e-mail, or connect with Facebook.

3. You will receive an email with login information and will be able to edit your listing.

See the our Sage Guide to learn more about the benefits of listing as a Sage Professional.  We also have Sage Tips for filling out the information on your profile and a FAQ to answer some of your questions.

If we do not have a listing for you or your organization - Contact us by email.  



Our goal is to help professionals and consumers figure out Who's Who in Senior qualifications.

Simply, we verify qualifications that we have a demonstrable benefit to Seniors, Family Caregivers and Baby Boomers seeking to create a better home for active living. Initially, our directories were built with: 

  • Certified Aging in Place Specialists,
  • Members of local Aging in Place Networks, and
  • Medicare and Building Products Suppliers. 


Local Retailers

In the Sage in Home directory of local retailers, will verify:

  • Medicare supplier status (e.g. Participating, and Non-participating)



Non-Profit Services

Not-for-profit organizations and Government agencies offering services (free, subsidized or pay for service) are encouraged to list their organization in our directory.  The listing is free and additional fees to not apply to be listed in multiple categories.

In a Sage in Home Profile, these groups can share information with the public  - such as their list of resources and learning materials.  

To learn more about sharing information about resources, refer to the "Not for Profit" tab above, or click here.



On Sage in Home, a Professional is an individual who has obtained specific, recognized training related to Aging in Place, Universal Design or Independent Living for Seniors.

If you have relevant, verifiable training, please contact us and we will be pleased to add you to our directory and verify your qualifications.

We are currently able to verify qualifications for:

If you have training that is not currently listed on Sage in Home, we would be pleased to consider adding the qualification.

Please send an email to let us know about the designation and start the discussion.


Network Members

Sage in Home would be pleased to offer a free listing to members of networks and list membership in that network as verified qualification.  

Currently we list members of Aging in Place Networks organized by the National Aging in Place Council.

To start a discussion about having your network used as basis for verification of your qualification, contact us.

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