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Anyone can request that a listing as a resource in the Sage Pro Directory.

Resources are good network partners for Sage Professionals running businesses. 

If you know of a resource or organization that should be in our Sage Pro directories, please write an email to Sage in Home describing the resource that you would like to share with other businesses, organizations and families trying to create a safe and comfortable home for Seniors and others.

Free Listings for Non-profits

Sage in Home provides free listings for not-for- profit organizations and Government Agencies.

These trusted resources qualify for a free listing for the organization in the Sage Pro Directory with no limit on the categories.  The more help they are providing in the community, the more we want to help you and your friends find them.

In addition, we greatly appreciate becoming aware of lists of local resources for Seniors published by non-profits.

If you are a non-profit organization or Government Agency and are not listed in our Sage Directory, you can request a free listing for your organization by writing an email.

Home safety is an important aspect of Active Living. Sage in Home wants to add more home safety tips, events and resources


Claim a Listing

This section is for organizations or people who have a listing on Sage in Home.  If you are not listed on Sage in Home, read the text above in "Add a Listing".

1. Find your listing in the directory

2. When you locate your listing, click on ‘Claim a Listing’ in the Directory

Register using your e-mail, or connect with Facebook.

3. You will receive an email  from Sage in Home that will give you permission to edit your listing.

For more information about a listing on Sage in Home - and the benefits that you can bring to your organization, program or activity, see our Guide for Non-Profits. Following this link will also take to our Sage Tips for non-profits, including tips for filling out listing details, as well as questions and answers. 



Public or non-profit organizations can easily share their learning materials relating to Aging in Place, Universal Design, Home Safety and Independent Living in their profile on Sage in Home.

Remember! In your listing you can input social media links, as well as links to your website.  This will help you be found on the Internet.  Learn More in the Sage Pro Guide for Non-Profits.



Sage in Home is considering launching a calendar so that consumers and professionals can easily find the events (both free and not) in their local community, as well as online, that will promote Aging in Place, Universal Design and Independent Living.

Please contact us if this is of interest to you and we will consider adding this functionality to our website.



If you are a public or non-profit organization offering programs related to Home Safety or Aging in Place in your community, we want to help you get the word out!  We put not limits on the categories in your listing.  For example, if your organization offers home repairs, home maintenance and living at home consultations, we want you to list in the three categories.

Programs can be free, subsidized or a revenue producing activity for your organization.

Have questions about listing in our directory? See our FAQ (frequently asked questions)



Books published by non-profit organizations that are available for free to the public or professionals, can be attached to your profile.

Books that are available for purchase can be linked to your website or Amazon, regardless of the author.  Please read the qualifications for Books here.

Learn more about listing a book on Sage in Home in our Guide, Sage Tips and Q&A.



Many Networks are organized, formally or informally, by local not-for-profit groups in a community. Some may simply be called a "list of local resources".

If your organization publishes a list of resources, please consider adding it to your profile on Sage in Home.  If you make us aware of the list, we will gladly add your local resources to our directories as having verified qualifications.  

Note, we date the verification.  For example, the qualification of the resource would read "Local Area on Agency Resource List - Month, Year".

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