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Sage in Home wants to help you find products, services and resources to Age in Place, if you are planning to:

  • Upgrade safety, comfort and ease of use in a home
  • Remodel or renovate a home
  • Prepare a home after hospitalization


Our detailed product guides have three sections.

Buying Guide

Each feature or choice for a product discussed in our guide and “clickable” in our marketplace has a:

  • Simple description of the feature or choice
  • Relevant Health & Lifestyle icons
  • Sage Tips for safety, comfort and ease of use

Health & Lifestyle Icons

Focus on the choices that matter with:

  • 5 Health icons (mobility, arms & hands, vision, hearing, memory)
  • 3 Lifestyle Icons (grandkids, visitors, green) with pets coming soon!

Learn more about these icons here or click on the “Health & Lifestyle” tab above.

Sage Tips

Sage Tips can help you make choices for safety, comfort and ease of use.

Safety includes fall prevention, finding the right size, hygiene, shared use (including multiple generations) and personal safety issues, such as scalding.

Learn more about the Sage Tip topics here or click on the “Sage Tips” tab above.


ONLY QUALIFIED Aging in Place Professionals and Businesses are allowed in the Sage in Home directories that include remodelers, contractors, designers, architects and many health related services.

Follow “Local Services” off the main navigation bar you will find About Services. There you will find a Guide, Sage Tips and Q&A (questions and answers) for services relating to the home and Aging in Place.


Sage in Home has directories of Aging in Place, learning materials, programs and events offered by Non-For-Profits and Government Agencies.

To learn more about these resources for Aging in Place see the Guide, Sage Tips and Q&A, go to About Resources.


Key Safety

In our Product Buying Guides, we put the key safety features first.

Our databases include only products that have met our minimum safety criteria. And, we must have complete data for the key safety features.

In the Product Marketplace, the key safety features are at the top of the page in the left hand menu as shown here:

bath chair screenshot 2

In this example for Bath Chairs:

  • the key safety features are weight capacity and leg width
  • all products have a weight capacity of 250 lbs or more
  • all products have data for those key safety factors

In addition, you will see if all products have Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) data. In the bath chair example, all 65 products in the database have MSRP.



All Aging in Place products are different! And, many of the differences are confusing!

In the Buying Guides, easily learn about the “basics” of each product.

In the Product Marketplace, you will find the “basic” choices near the top of the left hand menu.

A few examples of “basic” choices:

  1. Will you be using the bathing chair in a bathtub or a shower?

(Select the “Area of Use”)

  1. Do you want an integrated use grab bar?

(“Integrated Use” choices are towel rack, toilet paper holder and soap dish)

  1. What type of installed shower bench do you want?

(“Type” choices are folding bench, non-folding bench, folding chair and hanging)



The Buying Guides follow the order of the features in the Product Marketplace (left hand menu).

Below is an example of the information that you will find for each feature discussed in the guide.



Measurements may be very important to getting the right product for you and your home. It depends on the product!

Sage Tip for H1 Sage Tip

Don't Guess! See our Sage Tips to see if you should measure for Safety, Comfort and Ease of Use!

Key Safety highlights the important measurements for safety.

An example is leg width of a bath chair for use in a bathtub as discussed above. (Measure the flat surface of a bathtub. Select a leg width less than the measurement.)

Other measurements will help you find comfort.

An example is seat depth of a bath chair. (We recently read a bad review of a bath chair that wasn’t comfortable because it was too narrow front to back.)


Assembly or Install

Proper assembly or installation of a product is important – often for safety.

This section of the Buying Guide includes assembly and installation tips.

And, we remind you that, for most products, Sage in Home has a copy of manufacturers’ assembly or installation instructions.

Sage Tip for H1 Sage Tip

When purchasing a product for someone else, such as an aging parent or grandparent, it is important to ensure proper set-up for safety and maximum benefit.


Sage $

Sage in Home can help you save money by allowing you to select product features that you really need or want – and not paying for extra features.

When available, specific tips about saving money are included them in the Buying Guide.

In our marketplace, products are sorted from low to high MSRP, so you will see the lowest priced product at the top of your screen. (MSRP is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)

The last section of the left menu in the product marketplace is entitled “Marketplace”. Here you can select the country where you wish to purchase the product.