Top 5 Sage Tips for buying a showering chair

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1. Measure the flat surface where the showering chair will be used

The #1 Sage Tip for buying a portable showering chair is to MEASURE the flat surface where the chair will be used and select a bath chair or bath stool with a leg width that is less than that measurement.  A bath seat that is too wide is a serious falling hazard.


Measure the flat surface where the chair will be used

Measure the flat surface where the chair will be used

 2. Measurements matter for safety and comfort

Measurements can relate to both the available space in the bathroom and the individuals who will use the product, both now and in the future.  If you are a healthcare professional providing some guidance to a patient for an upcoming surgery, think about both safety and comfort.

Why comfort? Read Comfort Promotes Use! – Showering Chairs

Directing patients to select an adequate weight capacity, particularly those with bariatric needs, is a good place to start.  Also, we suggest that you talk about the importance of comfort in features such as seat depth and width with your patients or their family members.

Grandparents playing with Grandchildern

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3. Consider grandchildren & pets

We all like to have activities to look forward to, particularly spending time with grandchildren.  Some people enjoy time relaxing with pets.

Buying a showering bench or stool that can also be used for bathing grandchildren or to help bathe pets, is likely more interesting to grandma, grandpa and pet owners than bathroom safety.

An adjustable height chair might be a good idea.

For multiple users or for multiple uses, shower chairs that have adjustable height can be very useful too.


Sage Tips about safety and comfort


Ensure that the person who will make the adjustment to an adjustable height chair can do so without risk of falling or other injury.


4. Colors prevent falls

Bathing stool with blue seat - good for those with vision issues

Selecting bathing aids in contrasting colors to the main color in a bathroom is a good fall prevention tip for those with vision issues – anyone actually – even a Mom buying a chair for a teenage son recovering from knee surgery.

Sage Tips about safety and comfort


Suggest that Mom consider a folding chair that can be stored in the home once her son recovers.  And she can bring it out the next time grandpa visits.




5. Sage in Home can help – 1-2-3 Go!

Mom's home tour of Sage in HomeThese tips and many others can be found in three areas at Sage in Home:

Showering Chair Guide that include:

  1. Buying tips by feature
  2. Icons to help you factor health & lifestyle considerations and
  3. Sage Tips about safety and comfort;

If you are helping someone who is embarking on some small DIY home improvements, such as buying a bathing chair, some grab bars and a step stool for the bathroom, consider reviewing our “Mom’s home” tour for some ideas.  Note: the tour includes some screenshots of pages no longer available on Sage in Home.


Local, in-person help

Consult our directory of retailers to find the closest qualified home health retailer who can talk to you about your very specific needs and bath safety. The directory also includes home remodeling product retailers.

Most of the home health and home remodeling retailers in our directory have less than 50 locations.  We believe that you are more likely to get the service you want in these local stores.

Many of these retailers will only stock one brand of bathing chairs.  A good retailer will follow the “good, better, best” concept.  The “good” product has basic features.  The “better” has a few more features and the”best” is the deluxe model.

We suggest using the Feature Guide for Showering Chairs to research some of the features available before suggesting a client of patient visit the store to shop.

help for health at homeHealthcare professional who also understands the home

Take a look in our directory of businesses for home health professionals, such as occupational therapists, physical therapists and doctors who have taken a special interest in Active Aging.  They are either trained or belong to a local network of professionals who help Seniors stay in their homes.

Many of these professionals have businesses and seek to network with other professionals who help Seniors stay in their homes in safety and comfort.

Who’s in your Network?

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