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This Sage Guide has tips about Safety, Comfort and Ease of Use.  There is a navigation bar on the left with helpful links below. For tips about making a feature choice, go to the Buying Guide (tab above).

#1 Sage Tip

Sage Tip for H1  #1 Sage Tip in Sage Guide Bath Step Stools

A step stool can be a safety aid or a safety hazard. The Sage Caution level, in Selector, helps you consider features carefully.

To help you make a better buying decision for a bath step stool,  we classify bath step stools into caution levels:

  • Low - Small step
  • Low - Handrail
  • Medium - Handrail, but low depth
  • High - No handrail, high step

To learn more about the Caution Levels for Step Stools, see the Buying Tips.  To select a step stool using the Caution Level, go to the Product Selector.

Use left menu or scroll down for more Sage Tips, Helpful Links and Blog Posts.


Safety topics

Safety Topics for Step Stools

  • Fall Prevention
  • Size 
  • Hygiene
  • Multi- Generational and Multi-Users
  • Assembly
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Use


Fall Prevention

sagetip small  Sage Tip: Fall Prevention

Looking to make a quick decision with fall prevention in mind?  Consider the Sage Caution levels and your needs.

Sage Tip for H2  More Sage Tips

See more about fall prevention and home safety in the Buying Tips for the list of features below.  Each feature represents a choice in the Sage Step Stool Selector.

  • Sage Caution Level; Handrail; Number of Steps; Folding; Weight Capacity; Height; Width; Materials; Color; Marketplace
Ask your Healthcare Professional

A Senior planning a home renovation should consult with their healthcare professional in advance to ensure that home health related needs that are likely to arise in the next ten to fifteen years are taken into account. If your mom or dad has multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, arthritis or osteoporosis a step stool can improve ease of use when moving around the bathroom.
Find More Help

A Certified Aging in Place Specialist who is a builder, re-modeller or contractor is qualified to install a shower bench safely AND will be sensitive to how your needs may change in the future. In a bathroom, for example, they can help you plan the placement of electrical outlets so that they will be easy to reach. Our search by location will allow you to see if there are any Aging in Place Specialists in your area. A step stool can help with other areas of the bathroom that are hard to reach or step over.



sagetip small  Sage Tip: Size 

People with bariatric needs should not only consider the weight capacity, but other step measurements, such as width, for safety.

Sage Tip for H2  More Sage Tips

We have more Sage Tips to help you find a step stool that will fit in the space that you have, and "fit" the person using the step stool.  See these headings in Step Stool Feature Tips.

  • Handrail; Height; Width; Marketplace
Ask your Healthcare Professional

Discuss all medical conditions with healthcare professionals available to you for consultation when you are planning a renovation. It is not uncommon for individuals with some chronic health issues such as diabetes to gain weight (Obesity). Step stools come in various sizes to accommodate different users (check the weight capacity).


Find More Help

Bariatric (high weight capacity) step stools can be difficult to purchase locally. A contractor, designer or consultant that is an Aging in Place Specialist is likely to know local suppliers. However, you can save time by doing your research here at Sage in Home first by looking at product choices in the Step Stool product selector.



sagetip small  Sage Tip: Hygiene

Clean the flat surfaces of a step stool often to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

Sage Tip for H2  More Sage Tips

Learn about options for hygiene in Step Stool Buying Tips.  

  • Materials; Marketplace
Ask your Healthcare Professional

Discuss hygiene issues with your doctor or other healthcare professionals. Then, select a step stool with the recommended hygiene features. If you are the family caregiver and your mom or dad has back pain, multiple sclerosis or dexterity issues, help them clean the product regularly.


Find More Help

An Aging in Place Retailer specializing in Home Health may have a selection of step stools. They can be helpful finding a step stool for independent living after hospital discharge.


Multi-Gen & Multi-Users

sagetip small  Sage Tip: Multi-Gen & Multi-Users

A folding step stool may be a good idea if the safety needs of the primary user are met.

Sage Tip for H2  More Sage Tips

Multi-generational homes are becoming more common - and often a bathroom has to be shared among family members from different generations.  In addition, bath safety products are often used or shared with other people when lent, given away or purchased used.  

However, take heed of our concerns about Fall Prevention and Hygiene in our Buying Tips.  Providing you are not sacrificing safety and hygiene, consider these features that provide flexibility when selecting a Step Stool.  

  • Handrail; Folding; Weight Capacity; Height; Materials; Color; Marketplace
Ask your Healthcare Professional

Your family doctor should be made aware of your living conditions, including if you share a home with other generations (multigen). This is relevant for both Seniors and family caregivers for bathroom safety. For example, if you are caring for aging parents, your family doctor should know since this often creates additional stress that can effect your own health.


Find More Help

Some contractors and designers have extensive experience in Multi-generational living. To find this expertise, start with our directory of Aging in Place Professionals. In addition you may want to consult an Aging in Place Retailer. Some of these local businesses are in Aging in Place Networks, oriented to help you create a safe and comfortable home for independent living.



sagetip small  Sage Tip: Assembly

Some products with handrails may need some assembly.

Note: You can access the manufacturer's assembly and use instructions for each step stool in the step stool selector.  You can access these instructions when you review the product details of a specific selection.

Ask your Healthcare Professional

If you are living in a multigen home (sharing with persons of different ages) consult with your family doctor to see which step stool would be useful for your household.
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Individuals may need some ease of use products for bathroom safety post surgery. Speak with an occupational therapist to see which step stool would be suitable for you or your older parents for hospital discharge.



sagetip small  Sage Tip: Comfort

Comfort and safety tend to follow one another when selecting step height, width and weight capacity.

Sage Tip for H2  More Sage Tips

At Sage in Home, we believe that comfort promotes use - and that use is very important, particularly for bath safety products. Learn more about Comfort when you are selecting a step stool in our Buying Tips.

  • Number of Steps; Height; Width; Materials; Marketplace
Ask your Healthcare Professional

Your mom or dad should appreciate efforts to make aging in place more comfortable for them. A step stool is a product that can make daily living easier for seniors.
Find More Help

Looking for some design assistance in a renovation project for a Senior. A designer who is also an Aging in Place Professional can help you make a better decision about safety, health-related concerns and the "look" that you are hoping to achieve. In our directory, you can find the contact details of local designers using our map search.


Ease of Use

sagetip small  Sage Tip: Ease of Use

Look at the non-slip material on the feet.  A product that doesn't slip is easier to use.

Sage Tip for H2  More Sage Tips

If you are concerned about Ease of Use, please first review the Fall Prevention tips and other safety tips.

Also see Step Stool Buying Tips for:

  • Sage Caution Level; Handrail; Number of Steps; Height; Width; Materials; Marketplace

Note that opening a folding step stool can create a risk of falling for some individuals.

Ask your Healthcare Professional

Activities of daily living can be made easier by a step stool, especially for those with memory issues stemming from Alzheimer's, dementia or a stroke.
Find More Help

See our directory of Aging in Place Retailers to find a local Medicare supplier. Some will make home visits and can help you measure to choose the right step stool for ease of use.