Privacy Policy for Sage in Home

Privacy Policy

Sage in Home Web sites

Sage in Home is an Aging in Place website that  respects and upholds an individual’s rights to privacy and to protection of his or her personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to all Web sites owned and operated by Sage in Home and complies with American and Canadian privacy legislation.

This policy does not apply to any links from our website to a third party website.

By using a Sage in Home Website, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy. Please do not use this website if you do not agree to this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy.

Access to Sage in Home is provided to everyone free of charge without registration to learn about Aging in Place and products for the home. We will only collect non-personal information through the use of Cookies. However, in the future, to use some advanced functionality, users may be required to register. If you register, depending on the tools that you use, we may collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Non-Personal Information

We collect Non-Personal Information about your use of our Web sites as well as third party Web sites through the use of Cookies. The collected information will be used to help us deliver targeted and/or local advertising and non-advertising content; determine the number of visitors to our site; monitor how people are using our site and third party sites; and monitor how many people open our emails.

In connection with third party advertising on our website, we may allow third parties to place Cookies in order to deliver advertising content based on non-personally identifiable information. We do not allow advertisers to collect any PII about you based on your visits to our site.

You can choose to reject all or some Cookies through your browser settings. However, if you reject our Cookies, certain functionality of our website may be affected.

Personally Identifiable Information
In the Pilot version of our website, the only PII that we collect is an email address if you use one of our feed-back or “Contact us” forms.  This information, your e-mail address, will allow us to respond to any questions, contact you with our comments or questions, or make you aware of future developments at Sage in Home.


Sage in Home is active promoting Aging in Place and making good decisions on FacebookPinterest, Twitter and other social media websites.  In additions, we may develop several community areas and forums where users with similar interests can share information and tips. Any information you share in these community areas and forums is public information that can be collected by third parties.

Retention of Information
We retain information for as long as required, allowed, or we believe it useful. We may dispose of information at our discretion without notice, subject to applicable laws regarding handling or retention of information.

Disclosure of Your Information
Except as described in this Privacy Policy, or as agreed to by you, Sage in Home will not disclose any PII gathered from you on our website. We may only release PII to third parties to comply with legal requirements in special cases (involving threats to your safety, property or other legal rights).

Contractors that are involved in maintaining our website sometimes have limited access to your PII. However, access is limited to information reasonably necessary for the contractor to perform his/her job. We will contractually require contractors to protect the privacy of your PII and not use or disclose your PII.

Sage in Home Privacy & Security
We contract the security of our information and the PII that we collect to a third party, BlueHost. They use SSL encryption for private information.

We will closely monitor all Sage in Home employees that may have access to your PII, in the future.

We require all Sage in Home employees, both those who are Aging in Place professionals and those who are not, to abide by our Privacy Policy.

The Sage in Home Pilot website will not be submitted for security certification.  However, we intend to submit the official launch version for certification.

Contacting Sage in Home

If you have any concerns or complaints, please contact us.