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Aging in Place is a growing movement around the world.  It represents a huge market opportunity. 

Sage in Home wishes to partner and prosper with professionals and businesses that share our beliefs in the:

  • Social benefits of Aging in Place
  • Need for professional education about Aging in Place
  • Value of experience in volunteering for or working with non-profits who are at the “front-line” of Aging in Place in community

Sage in Home focuses on Aging in Place as it relates to the “HOME”.  We are a business that provides guides to help consumers and professionals make better choices about products and services for the “home” to promote independent living in safety, comfort and ease. 

With our partners, we connect with Families, Seniors and Baby Boomers who have Aging in Place needs, whether acknowledged or not.  For example, we speak to consumers:

  • Seeking practical home safety upgrades
  • Planning home renovations for a lifetime of comfort
  • Preparing a home for ease of use after a hospital visit

We want to partner with qualified professionals and businesses that will benefit from our community-based approach.  We have built and continue to enhance:

  • An educational resource for consumers and professionals interested in Aging in Place, particularly the physical “home”
  • A community for qualified professionals and businesses providing Aging in Place educational materials, products and services
  • A platform that is transparent, scalable, unbiased and  “SEO” optimized” for Aging in Place

For qualified professionals and businesses, the first steps are FREE!


Below we detail the qualifications for professionals and businesses to be listed in a Sage in Home directory.  But first, we’d like to share our fundamental business and social principles:

  1. One source saves time – We cover the “A to Z” of Aging in Place so that consumers and professionals can save time when learning or taking action about Aging in Place
  2. Organization builds confidence – Aging in Place can be confusing and overwhelming. We help consumers (and professionals) easily “click” through their own issues and become comfortable with their choices
  3. Money Matters – If it’s available for free, consumers and professionals want to know.  If they need to make a purchase decision, we want to help them make a better decision.  If they want “in-person advice, we want to direct them to qualified, local help
  4. Transparency encourages Sharing – We disclose the rules about listing qualifications, linking, advertising and our revenue sources to create a “sharing” environment
  5. Sharing promotes Aging in Place – Information, experience and advice from qualified sources should be shared to promote Aging in Place

Sage in Home receives no revenues from listing any materials, organizations, people or companies in our directories. Click here to learn more about our revenues.



On Sage in Home, an Aging in Place Professional is an individual who has obtained specific, recognized Aging in Place training.

A listing in the Aging in Place Professionals directory cannot be purchased. 

Any person currently listed in our directory of professionals can claim their listing for free.  They are also eligible for a free listing in the Aging in Place Business directory. 

When a professional claims their listing, we consider them to be a “partner” and hope that we can work together to promote Aging in Place.

If you are a qualified Aging in Place professional but are not listed in our directory, send an email to us and state your qualifying designation. 

Sage in Home is open to reviewing designations currently not in our Professionals directory.  We appreciate any contacts or assistance that can help us make our determination.



Sage in Home has established strict criteria for a listing in the Aging in Place Business directory.  A business must be one of the following:

  • A member of a local Aging in Place Network listed on Sage in Home
  • Owned by an Aging in Place Professional who has claimed their listing
  • Employer of at least one individual who has obtained an Aging in Place qualification.  (The employee does not have to have a listing in the professional directory, but we must be able to verify their qualification.)
  • Sponsored by a public or non-profit organization offering a local Aging in Place resource (free learning materials, events and programs) that is listed on and has partnered with Sage in Home

A listing in the Aging in Place Business directory cannot be purchased. 

Businesses that do not qualify for a directory listing may be permitted to advertise on Sage in Home, provided the advertising is in keeping with our principles.  See Advertising below.



Sage in Home believes that both Internet and Local retailers have a role in helping consumers identify their Aging in Place product needs and make good choices to meet those needs.


We help consumers make better product choices, and professionals make better product recommendations, based on Aging in Place needs.  Our assistance is offered through product category guides and easy but detailed filtered search in our marketplace.

The Sage in Home marketplace is a “marketplace” on two levels.  We are a marketplace of:

  1. Products – detailed “click” search by product feature
  2. Retailers – once a product is selected, consumers can see or easily access multiple price points from a variety of online retailers

To be an online retailer partner, a retailer must enter into an affiliate relationship with us AND have the ability to provide purchase links by UPC or other unique product identifier.

Local directory

When a consumer or professional wants “in-person” advice for a product purchase, we believe that they should look for a qualified, local and “service oriented” retailer. 

Service oriented retailers rely on their reputation for good advice and services (e.g. home delivery, returns) within their community.

Sage in Home excludes retailers that are part of a company with more than 50 locations.  The exception is when the local retailer is a member of an Aging in Place Network listed on Sage in Home.

Our database of retailers was started with companies that are either Medicare suppliers or have been listed as distributors for major brands of Aging in Place products.

Local retailers will be added to the Sage in Home directory on a case by case.  We may require sponsorship or verification by a qualified Aging in Place Professional or a public agency or non-for-profit organization.



Product manufacturers are not permitted to claim the listings of the products listed on Sage in Home.  Only Sage in Home can add a product or product details to our product databases.

However, we are interested in listing as many products as possible, provided that:

  • The product meets our minimum safety criteria (varies from product to product)
  • We have complete data for specified product details (varies from product to product)
  • US$ MSRP is published and accessible to Sage in Home
  • Consumers can buy the exact product that they have selected online from a Sage in Home on-line retail affiliate (e.g. Amazon or Amazon marketplace)

If you are a product manufacturer with products in categories with guides on Sage in Home and would like to discuss adding your products to the Sage in Home marketplace, write an email to us.



Individuals, companies and organizations who have published a book, video or podcast available for purchase are welcome to become a Sage in Home partner. 

The media product must be available for purchase from an on-line retailer that has an affiliate relationship with Sage in Home (e.g. Amazon).

Please note that the Sage in Home Learning Materials directory only lists “free” books, videos and podcasts published by public agencies and not-for-profit groups.


Event Managers

The majority of Aging in Place events listed in the Events Directory are managed or sponsored by public agencies and not-for-profit organization.

However, we happy to add events managed by professional event management companies provided that can verify the participation or support by a Professional or Non-for Profit Partner.


Add a Listing

If you or your business is not listed on Sage in Home and you fulfill meet our qualifications described above, please write an email to us.

We will set up the listing (with minimal details) and send an email to you. To input full details, claim the listing. The complete details will not be published until we have confirmed qualifications.

If your qualification is sponsorship by a non-for-profit or public organization, please provide the name and email address of the individual that we should contact for verification. (Note: Their organization will be listed in the “Sage in Home Thanks” section of your listing.)

Before inputting details, you may find it useful to review our Sage Tips and Sage Q&A for For-Profit Partners.



As a professional or business, you are likely interacting with, supporting and/or working for a public agency or non-for-profit organization that promotes Aging in Place.  For example, you may be a:

  • Physiotherapy clinic that co-authored a brochure distributed by a public agency
  • Event planning company that organizes the local Senior’s information day
  • Handyman who installs grab bars as part of a community-based home safety program
  • Remodeler/architect who volunteered to design a home for a veteran
  • Medicare supplier who provides space for Fall Prevention seminars run by a health-based charitable group

The not-for-profit group that you support, volunteer with or work for can sponsor your or your business to become a Business Partner.

Sole proprietors who are sponsored must be listed as a business, not as a professional. The Aging in Place professional qualification is based solely on credentials (e.g. Aging in Place training).

Sponsorship allows not-for-profit organizations to thank businesses by lending their reputation.  Read our guide for non-for profit partners to learn how Sage in Home thanks them for helping us build and maintain high quality Aging in Place databases.



1. Find your listing in one of our Aging in Place directories:

Follow these links for:

2. When you locate your listing, click on ‘Claim a Listing’

Register using your e-mail, or connect with Facebook.

3. You will receive an email and will be able to edit your listing.

If you need further assistance you can contact us here for help.

All edits are reviewed before being posted for public viewing.  Sage in Home reserves the right to exclude or modify any listing.

To learn more about adding your profile or claiming your listing on Sage in Home, see our Sage Tips and Sage Q&A.



Any professional or business with a listing on Sage in Home can request that the listing be removed by writing us.

Sage in Home reserves the right to delist any professional or business.  We will consider delisting requests for businesses from non-for-profits and professional partners only.

Anyone, including partners and consumers, can request that a business be removed from our directories, provided they can put us in contact with a public agency, industry association or other non-business interest that can justify the delisting such as the loss of qualification.



Sage in Home wants to help promote Aging in Place. 

To demonstrate that commitment, we have created a platform that is “open” to public agencies and not-for-profit organizations to share information about their learning materials, events and programs.  To learn more about out Non-for-Profit partnerships, click here.

As detailed above, we only partner with qualified professionals and businesses.

Research shows that family caregivers, Baby Boomers and, in increasing numbers, Seniors want better online information about how to live independently in their homes as they age.

Our website has been “SEO optimized” for Aging in Place and related terms so that the search engines will direct, for example, families researching how to make their home safer for their aging parents. 

Simply stated, the more you engage with Sage in Home, the more likely that you or your business will be found on the internet.  Here are some ideas to step up your level of engagement with Sage in Home.  All levels listed below are FREE!   

1. Inbound links – You can input social media links in the profiles (listing details) for you and/or your business

2. Friends – Once you are a partner, we will likely be your friend – consider other natural friends that you have, and consider becoming their friend in the world of social media

3. Backlinks – Consider creating a link from your website to ours, and your other friends.  You can create multiple and bigger “virtuous circles” promoting Aging in Place



If you currently work with or support a public agency or non-for-profit group that is promoting Aging in Place, directly or indirectly, you can thank them for their good work by referring them to Sage in Home.

As detailed in our guide for Non-for-Profit partners, we offer free listings and many ways for these partners to promote their resources (both free and for purchase) – increasing the probability that they will be found on the Internet.  

And to acknowledge the benefit to Sage in Home, we will thank you as described below.


Be Thanked

We want to thank professionals and businesses who become partners. And, we want to thank our partners who help us build our databases of:

  • Resources  - Learning materials published by as well as events and programs managed by public or non-profits
  • Professionals

Become a Partner

Claim your listing.  Once approved and published on Sage in Home, we are partners.

We will consider becoming your friend in social circles such as Facebook, Linked-in and other social media sites, where possible and practical. 

Build databases

Be the first to let us know about an Aging in Place learning material, event, program, professional or business and your organization will be mentioned in the new event listing under “Sage in Home Thanks”. 

If the organizations, professionals and businesses that you are working with are listed on Sage in Home, prompt them to claim their listing.  If they don’t fill in the “Sage in Home Thanks” section with your organization’s name, let us know and we will remedy that.

Sage in Home gives credit to the first party who brings the event to our attention, provided the party is listed in a Sage in Home directory and has claimed their listing.



The easiest way for professionals and businesses to engage with Sage in Home is to write a comment on one of our blogs. 

In our blogs, we allow links to profiles or listings on Sage in Home.  Claimed listings have direct links to external websites.


Advertising on Sage in Home is another way to increase your level of engagement in the internet community for Aging in Place. Advertising is a revenue source for Sage in Home.

For more information about advertising opportunities and restrictions, please read About Us – Business Model.

Learn more about adding a listing and optimizing the benefits of being a Partner in Sage Tips and Q&A.