Helping you help clients and patients

MultiGen Families- Living Together and Visiting

MultiGen Family – Living together or Visiting

At Sage in Home, we have done the research for you. So, you can help clients and patients:

  • Make better decisions about products and
  • Find qualified businesses.

No matter your profession in the spectrum of Aging in Place, Universal Design or Independent Living, we can help you be viewed as:

  • knowledgeable
  • resourceful and a
  • caring partner.

We have some “how” below, but first ..

Who you can help?

As a professional, you may be helping a range of people with varying needs and abilities.

And, they may have vastly different ideas about homes for “active living” …


  • Support aging parents stay in their home longer with safety and comfort;
  • Help a family member plan to come home from hospital;
  • Live with multiple generations under one roof;
  • Make homes visitor friendly, whether toddler grandchildren are visiting grandma’s house or grandparents are visiting grandchildren.

Grandparents laughing with grandchildrenSeniors

  • Proactive! They seek to add years of enjoyment embracing home safety as a smart choice
  • Age Gracefully (The single best way to age gracefully is to avoid falls!)
  • Make their home safe for visiting grandchildren

Planning a dream home - Sage BoomersBoomers

  • Plan dream homes for visitors of all ages
  • Stay active pursuing interests and hobbies
  • Make their home safe and friendly for future grandchildren
  • Bring elder parents into their home


Sage Help – Guides, Icons & Tips

Our guides are organized to help professionals create homes for Active Living – whether you are helping a caregiver, a Senior or a Boomer.

Professionals helping create better homesFor example, you may be a:

1. Feature Guides

Sage in Home Product Feature Guides are are well-researched and practical – to help your patients and clients make BETTER CHOICES.

Feature by feature, we discuss:

  • Health Concerns
  • Lifestyle Goals
  • Safety and Comfort considerations

2. Health & Lifestyle Icons

Our Health & Lifestyle Icons give you pointers and tips based on Daily Living for mobility, ease of use, vision, hearing and memory, as applicable.

Lifestyle topics are Grandkids, Green Living and Visitors – for multi-generational living and visitor friendly homes.

Sage Icons for Health and lifestyle


Sage Tip for using Sage in Home

Sage in Home has a category tag for each of the Sage Icons so you can easily find tips and articles based on your client’s or patient’s interest




3. Safety and Comfort

And we have Sage Tips about safety and comfort that reference back to feature choices!

Safety and comfort at home

The products in our database meet our minimum safety criteria; and we ensure complete data for a few key safety features for each product category, such as weight capacity.

Build your Network

When we planned Sage in Home, it was very important to us that anyone using the website could take action to help create a home for active living.  In October 2015, we split the website:

  • Sage in Home for professionals
  • Sage Tip is for consumers.

Directory of resourcesFor professionals and businesses helping create better home for active living, we built directories of service providers (

These directories are also accessible to consumers from Sage Tip.

On Sage in Home, use the main NAV bar: Search Directory, to find “Sage Professionals” who are experts in:

  • daily living upgrades and improvements,
  • remodeling and new build projects and
  • product selection as well as
  • senior home finance.

Ann brings the passion of a family caregiver to Sage in Home, having helped both her mother and mother-in-law renovate their homes for safety, comfort and ease of use. She is a “Sandgen” mother, caring for two children and providing support to older family members while working. Prior to becoming CEO of Sage in Home, she worked in the financial services industry for over twenty five years.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and vision helped to shape Sage in Home. She is a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS), studied Universal Design and has been a guest speaker at Aging in America. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce. In the past, she was President of the board of a children's enhanced learning program and Treasurer and board member of both the Nathaniel Dett Chorale and the Word on the Street.

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