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WarmUp offer comfortIt’s official!  This February will be one of the coldest on record for many cities across North America.

This focuses our attention on keeping warm and comfortable -but important for your health?

Yes, it’s true for everyone – and very important if a doctor has “prescribed” that your client or patient regulate their body temperature.

I’d like to introduce you to Warmup – an electric underfloor heating company that knows a lot about staying warm at home.

Warmup has lots of tips about comfort, health and safety at home. And, I’ll add some more practical tips to discuss with patients and clients who aren’t in the midst of a home renovation.

Warmup was featured on a tour at the “home show of home shows”.That tour is the subject of our blog series about the latest and greatest products for homes for active living(More about the series below.)

without underfloor heating you need slippers <a href=Warmth = Comfort

I met the Warmup team in Las Vegas and then came home to one of those cities with record cold temperatures this February.

I don’t have underfloor heating in my basement – and boy do I regret that decision! I’ve had to resort to some gifted slippers and a portable heater. (If you didn’t include underfloor in your own renovations, here are some links to slippers and portable heaters on Amazon to help you keep warm.)  

Note: For safety, my slippers do not touch the heater! 


keeping warm may be prescribed for you healthClean air is a health benefit of electric underfloor heating systems because the heat is radiant, meaning it doesn’t rely on or force air to circulate around the home. Clean air is of particular interest to those with allergies or respiratory issues.

“Radiant heat reduces unhygienic drafts and airborne allergens, creating a healthier and safer environment for all the family” according to the team at Warmup.

A simple solution for a client or patent who isn’t renovating or building but wants a heat source that doesn’t circulate air is a portable heater like the one pictured above.  Heaters with fans circulate air.

Prescriptions for Staying Warm

If your client has been told by their doctor to regulate your body temperature, you may want to tell them that underfloor heating is a consistent heat source. It will maintain the temperature in all areas of the room, eliminating cold spots that can cause “chills”.

One health reason for needing to regulate body temperature is blood thinning medication, often prescribed for heart-related risks such as high blood pressure and thrombosis (blood clotting that can cause strokes). Blood thinning medications may also be prescribed during and soon after hip or knee replacement surgery (Medline Plus).

Below is link to a blood pressure monitor on Amazon, a handy device for daily living with high blood pressure and thrombosis.


falls01Dry floors in the bathroom can certainly help make floors less slippery – important for fall prevention.

Remember, for anyone over 25 years of age, falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits, according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Dry also promotes hygiene. Drier surfaces can reduce or eliminate the growth of bacteria and mold.

Underfloor heating is a great solution for drier floors in a bathroom renovation.

For additional safety, suggest a mat in the bathroom. Although a bit more expensive that traditional “fluffy” bathmats, this mat has good drying and anti-slip features, such as beveled edges and a textured surface.

Click here to see this mat that also has anti-fatigue qualities on Amazon.

Homes anywhere

Warmup product in Bathroom shown on HGTVCheck out the beautiful bathroom renovation in this video from Leave it to Bryan (HGTV).

The “Baby Boomers” in the video are thrilled  with their underfloor heating.

They could live in any climate – cold or warm.

shower benchFor more luxury, think about a heating system in a built in shower bench, as shown in the video. You will love it so much you that will forget about all the health and safety benefits!

So far I’ve mentioned basements and bathrooms.  There is no need to stop there. It is increasingly common for new homes to be heated entirely with electric underfloor heating.

Costs and Where to buy

The folks at Warmup estimate that the products required for an average bathroom project cost less than $500. To explore ongoing costs, check out Warmup’s running cost calculator.

Warmup products are primarily sold through distributors of home renovation products.  This link takes you to Warmup’s directory.

Akron Ohio Moms install underfloor heatingIf you are installing underfloor heating products for the first time, you may be pleased to know that Warmup floor heating products come in a mat format for easy installation.

Cable installation is featured in the Leave to Bryan video above. If you click on the image on the right, you will be taken to a video by Akron Ohio Moms showing mat installation.

And, the company has helpful guides and videos on their website for installers of all skill levels.


Sage Tip for using Sage in Home

Sage Tip

A professional contractor who has Active Living credentials, such as Certified Aging in Place Specialists, is a good addition to your network if you aim to help people remain in their homes in safety and comfort


Next – More about staying warm

Next, we will give equal time to Nuheat, another underfloor heating company, focusing on thermostats and snow melting products for sidewalks and driveways.  Warmup offers these products also.

I didn’t mention that when I returned from Las Vegas, we had a heavy snowfall within the week.  Maybe it was when I was shoveling that I became cold in the first place!

About this blog series

This blog is part of a series about the latest and greatest products for Active Living featured on the Aging in Place and Universal Design Product Tours at the International Builders Show in January 2015.

Our introduction blog – Mike Holmes was there – Join Us if you weren’t included a ‘selfie” with Mike Holmes (HGTV).

The blog series is written by me, Ann Watson.  I’m a Certified Aging in Place Specialist and have studied Universal Design.  I’m the founder of Sage in Home, where consumers and professionals can find unbiased advice about creating home environments for active living. The series is NOT sponsored.  In fact, I didn’t even select the companies on the tour.

Warmup was featured on the IBS Aging in Place product tour because underfloor heating has demonstrable benefits to meet specific needs relating to health and safety as well as comfort in the home.

Ann brings the passion of a family caregiver to Sage in Home, having helped both her mother and mother-in-law renovate their homes for safety, comfort and ease of use. She is a “Sandgen” mother, caring for two children and providing support to older family members while working. Prior to becoming CEO of Sage in Home, she worked in the financial services industry for over twenty five years.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and vision helped to shape Sage in Home. She is a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS), studied Universal Design and has been a guest speaker at Aging in America. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce. In the past, she was President of the board of a children's enhanced learning program and Treasurer and board member of both the Nathaniel Dett Chorale and the Word on the Street.

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