Business Model

Business Model

Business Model

Sage in Home is serious about Aging in Place


Sage in Home Inc. is a company that provides guides and tips along with directories of the products, services and resources for Aging in Place.  Our goal is to be the trusted source of information about the "home" and Aging in Place.

Sage in Home was built with the consumer in mind.  We help consumers and professionals select products by the features that matter to health, daily living, lifestyle, safety, comfort and ease of use.

All local businesses and retailers in our directories are "Aging in Place" qualified. And, our growing database of resources aims to highlight not-for-profits who offer a variety of resources within local communities.

Sage in Home means business about promoting Aging in Place.  We have invested in a platform that scales as we add partners who also mean "business" about Aging in Place - from your neighborhood group conducting Senior safety checks to  local re-modelers to global product manufacturers.


Sage in Home is a logical place for product manufacturers, retailers, service providers and resources to find their Aging in Place customers and clients.

In the areas of the website where Caregivers, Seniors Baby Boomers and Professionals are making decisions, we do not allow advertising that might detract a person from making a better decision.  

For example, a local retailer, providing purchasing assistance to its customers, can place a general advertisement about their value-added to consumers in the guides and marketplace for a product.  They can not advertise a specific product.

Example of General Advertising:



Affiliate Fees

Sage in Home has designed its website to help you make better, unbiased decisions when buying products. So if you make a product selection following our Buying Guide, Health & Lifestyle icons and Sage Tips, we want to ensure that you can buy EXACTLY the product that you chose.

Affiliate relationships with online retailers allow us to provide that EXACT product match as well as live pricing.

Example: Let’s say that you are selecting a shower bench.  Once you make your choice and are reviewing the product details, you will find the Marketplace section that shows live prices for the EXACT product that you have selected. (Note: Live prices are not available from some brands of a few highly customized products such as walk in bathtubs). 

When you follow a link from our website to an on-line retailer's website (e.g. Amazon and its partners), we receive an "affiliate fee" if you make a purchase from the retailer.  Example: Sage in Home to Amazon 

Example of Product Specific Advertising:



We are learning every day at Sage in Home about how to talk to families, Seniors, Boomers and professionals about their Aging in Place needs and desires.

In 2015 and 2016 we hope to expand our selection of products (with full guides) and add other qualifying professionals to our directories.

We also hope to increase our level of engagement with our Aging in Place Partners.

With Partners 

When you claim a listing, you have taken the first step to being an Aging in Place advocate.  But, it should be just the beginning!

Sage in Home would like to interact with you about ways to help promote Aging in Place together.  We believe that Aging in Place is most effectively communicated to the public by

  • Trusted resources (public and not-for-profit organizations)
  • Qualified professionals and businesses
  • Networks that include organizations, professionals and businesses

Sage in Home has built a scalable website and established clear rules for participation in our Aging in Place directories. 

Our goals in 2015 as regards our business are to:

  • Encourage listings for all Aging in Place qualified resources, professionals and businesses to list on Sage in Home  - and become our Aging in Place Partner
  • Build traffic to better serve our Aging in Place Partners
  • Improve the breadth and quality of advice that can be found on Sage in Home.

We would be pleased to learn whether you might have an interest in any of the services listed below.  Please write us at


Sage in Home intends to offer a number of directories that will allow qualified businesses to connect with consumers about Aging in Place in specific ways.  By the end of 2015, we hope to have sufficient numbers of Partners and visitors to our website to offer these opportunities for businesses:

  • Paid listings in our free materials and events (e.g. webinars) directories
  • A directory of promotions and offers for products and services to consumers

We also intend to provide a regular newsletter to our Aging in Place partners. We plan to have advertising and promotion opportunities for businesses and organizations in the newsletter.


We List It

For those claiming a listing, there are significant benefits to providing lots of details and entering links to their website and social media partners. Currently, filling out a listing profile is "self-serve".

If you would have an interest in a “We list it” service (for a fee), please let us know at 

We would add listings for qualified applicants, filling out the detailed data for each listing.  We will help optimize the search engine optimization (SEO) potential of the listing and provide tips for maintaining and increasing the effectiveness of the listing(s).




We are building the data to have a unique understanding of the Aging in Place market. And, we are learning every day!  In the future, we hope to offer consulting services to help public, non-for-profits and businesses maximize their impact in this growing marketplace.