Construction at Sage in Home

under constructionReorganization

Sage in Home is reorganizing.

Going forward, Sage in Home will focus on professionals who help Seniors, Family Caregivers and Baby Boomers create better homes for active living.

At Sage in Home, “active living” incorporates Aging in Place, Universal Design, Accessibility and Independent Living.  And “better homes” are designed and build to meet needs for years to come.  Better homes are build with and include products that match consumer needs.

Sage Tip for consumers

Sage Tip for using Sage in HomeScheduled for the autumn of 2015, Sage Tip seeks to be more user-friendly than Sage in Home.

We will be sharing our knowledge of professional qualifications that matter to Seniors, Caregivers and Baby Boomer regarding the home.

And, we will pass on the Sage Tips that fill our Product Guides structured by:

  • Product Features
  • Health & Lifestyle Icons
  • Safety and Comfort

No E-Commerce on Sage in Home

Our “select by feature” marketplace that allowed you to look at products by feature and was linked to Amazon will no longer be available.

Sage Tip (for consumers) will have E-Commerce although capabilities will be very limited for some time.  Specifically, we created a store on with the products in our carefully constructed databases.

We are currently assessing platforms with the “select by feature” capabilities that we had PLUS some ideas on our “Wish List”. (Thanks to many for their input.)

To access the store, click here: Sage in Home on Amazon.

On “Sage in Home on Amazon” you will find the products selected to meet our key safety criteria for the products in our Sage in Home Pilot:

For those in Canada and the United Kingdom, we regret that during construction we do not have a store.

Below is a picture of what you will see by following the link to the Amazon Store.  Note that you can select by Product Category on the right hand side.

aStore screenshot

Screenshot of Sage in Home on Amazon

Ann brings the passion of a family caregiver to Sage in Home, having helped both her mother and mother-in-law renovate their homes for safety, comfort and ease of use. She is a “Sandgen” mother, caring for two children and providing support to older family members while working. Prior to becoming CEO of Sage in Home, she worked in the financial services industry for over twenty five years.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and vision helped to shape Sage in Home. She is a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS), studied Universal Design and has been a guest speaker at Aging in America. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce. In the past, she was President of the board of a children's enhanced learning program and Treasurer and board member of both the Nathaniel Dett Chorale and the Word on the Street.

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