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Caregivers - Talk about Comfort

Talk about Comfort

Is your client a family caregiver helping an aging parent?

Suggest that they may find their mother or father less reluctant to use a portable bath chair if products are discussed in terms of the features that provide comfort rather than safety.

We will help you keep safety the priority – see Top 5 Safety tip for buying a portable bath chair.

If you are a professional trying to provide guidance and direction to patients or clients, you likely already know that comfort promotes use.

Even if you aren’t a fan of padded bath chairs,  we expect you may agree that using a padded chair, also selected for key safety features such as weight capacity and leg width, is better than using no bath chair at all.

Consider adopting this in your conversations about bathroom safety:

Comfort promotes use in product selection

 Materials matter

There are a lot of choices in materials when selecting a portable bath chair.

In our unbiased database of the leading brands of portable bath chairs, bath stools and bath seats, there are choices for seat materials that include plastic, padded and teak in addition to frame materials that include aluminium, plastic, steel and teak (note not all combinations are available).

Comfort from a Safe Fit in the Bathroom

Ask the family caregiver or patient to consider how the product will fit in the space that it will be used.

Written by Certified Aging in Place Specialists, the Sage Guides draw your attention to the measurements in the home that you need to make a safer choice, such as measuring the flat bottom of a bathtub and buying a bath stool that will sit flat.

Measure the flat surface where the chair will be used

Measure the flat surface where the chair will be used

Ideally, a healthcare professional such as your family doctor, surgeon or a discharge professional in a hospital will provide you with some guidance on products and their product features such as backarms, rotating chairs and handles.  However, many of us have to make these decisions for ourselves, or family members in our care.

Chairs are available with backs, arms and handles as well as stools with rotation

More Tips @ Sage in Home

Sage in Home committed to active livingYou will find more tips about Comfort and Bath stools, in addition to safety tips:

  • Portable Bath Chair Guide has information pertaining to the specific features of Bath Chairs
  • For some pointers on shower chairs and grandchildren in the home, multi-generational and multi-user homes, mobility and vision, check out our tips for our Sage Health & Lifestyle Icons
  • Safety and Comfort Tips for Portable Bath Chairs talks about fall prevention, hygiene and other safety considerations when you buy a showering chair for a bathroom.

Looking for local, in-person help?

To find the closest professional who can provide further product related information, consult our directory of Retailers in the Sage Pro Directory.

If you trying to help a family caregiver or Senior, you may be more comfortable referring them to a Medicare Supplier than helping them yourself.

Ann brings the passion of a family caregiver to Sage in Home, having helped both her mother and mother-in-law renovate their homes for safety, comfort and ease of use. She is a “Sandgen” mother, caring for two children and providing support to older family members while working. Prior to becoming CEO of Sage in Home, she worked in the financial services industry for over twenty five years.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and vision helped to shape Sage in Home. She is a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS), studied Universal Design and has been a guest speaker at Aging in America. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce. In the past, she was President of the board of a children's enhanced learning program and Treasurer and board member of both the Nathaniel Dett Chorale and the Word on the Street.

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